英国女王伊丽莎白’s Girls' School is committed to working closely and in harmony with its community and celebrating the diversity of the UK. ag亚游手机版的目标是让学生为现代英国的生活做好准备,并确保ag亚游手机版的校风, 教学和学习的课程和方法反映和促进英国价值观.

We recognise that these values are not exclusive to being British and that they have come to be accepted throughout the democratic world as the method of creating an orderly society in which individual members can feel safe, 有价值并能为自己和他人的利益做出贡献.

ag亚游手机版与当地社区合作,认识到社区内宗教信仰的多样性. 学生 take part in local events and meet different members of the community to appreciate the valuable contributions they make.  All subject departments are aware of the importance of transmitting 英国价值s through their curriculum content. 


  • 承认, celebrate and commemorate national events and anniversaries related to key events in Britain’s past  
  • join in with international sporting events and find out more about the countries that host them
  • 支持一些由学生选择的慈善机构,并安排筹款活动
  • 邀请当地社区的成员参加ag亚游手机版学校的活动.

We understand the role that our school has in helping prevent radicalisation and supporting our pupils in developing a world view, 承认英国在其中的地位. 英国人的五种价值观是:

  • 民主
  • 法治
  • 个人自由
  • 相互尊重
  • 宽容不同信仰和信仰的人.






ag亚游手机版学校的许多日常活动都是建立在民主的概念之上的. 所有学生作为个体都有机会, 作为导师小组和学科部门的成员, 影响决策,并有发言权. 他们明白,他们必须负责任地使用这种声音.

学生 are regularly consulted both formally informally about how their school might be improved. They see the example that is set with staff working cooperatively with each other to make the school the best it can be.

学生 within the school have key roles and responsibilities and are democratically elected to take on leadership roles. In their form group they have form representatives, sports captains and charities representatives. They understand that they are accountable to the school community for the way in which they carry out these roles.

Our School Council allows students to explore and understand the democratic process they are also linked to the Senior Leadership Team. 在全国和地方选举期间,ag亚游手机版举行自己的模拟选举. 学校委员会作为集会的一部分向学校社区反馈意见, 在学校的时事通讯中形成时间访问和更新.

How to work as a member of a team as well as team leadership are included in PSHE and during tutor time.  

在《ag亚游集团app下载》课程中,学生了解英国的选举制度, 它是如何发展的,又是如何运作的.

正式和非正式的定期咨询贯穿整个学年. 学生们会收到反馈,并了解他们所采取的行动.


学生 in our school understand the need for rules to make ours a happy and secure environment. Our behaviour policy is shared and understood and this provides a basis on which we discuss other laws and rules and how they apply.

Ground rules are established in all areas of the curriculum and students are encouraged to see the reasons for them.


We set ground rules during PSHE and Religious Studies (RS) classes where sensitive issues are discussed. IT课程包括关于数据保护和ag亚游手机版的电子安全行为准则的讨论.

每年, every tutor group discusses the school code of conduct with their tutor as well as an assembly explaining the importance of the rules in creating a safe learning environment.

学校的制裁很明确,也很普遍. 导师小组的制裁是在导师小组内讨论并达成一致的.



每个学生的权利是ag亚游手机版精神的核心. 然而,学生们也必须认识到它们之间的界限.

Independent thinking and learning are encouraged and there are frequent opportunities for students to grow in maturity and independence as they move towards the sixth form.  


Each day students look at a ‘Thought of the Day’ which is a quote from an individual who has had a particular impact on the world. ag亚游手机版试图从各种文化、种族和宗教信仰中进行选择.  


In Citizenship we discuss what it means to ‘contribute to society’ and discuss what it means to be ‘free’.   


尊重是ag亚游手机版学校的价值观之一. ag亚游手机版认识到不仅相互尊重,而且自尊的重要性.

We have a clear anti-bullying policy which emphasises the importance of us creating an environment both within school and the wider world in which individuals can feel safe and valued.

Our welcome for visitors is part of the school ethos as is the focus on each student as representative of the school when they are out in the community.



We have links with local feeder schools that enable our students to work with younger children on specific projects.

Our extra-curricular clubs and enrichment activities focus on building self-esteem and self-respect. 它们还包括团队建设活动.

员工行为准则确保员工以模范的方式对待彼此, 为学生树立一个好榜样.

The language used between staff and students at all times is considered to be vital in showing how we respect one another.


We welcome difference and diversity and aim to create understanding of how this adds to the richness of our community.

ag亚游手机版的目标不仅仅是“容忍”那些有不同信仰和信仰的人. We recognise the extent to which our own traditions and history have developed side by side and the rich cultural heritage that different world religions bring.

We believe that exploring and understanding other people’s faiths and beliefs are rewarding experiences and help us understand our own faiths and beliefs better.

Our RS curriculum which follows the Agreed Syllabus for Barnet teaches about a range of faiths, 宗教和文化.

ag亚游手机版邀请来自不同宗教的代表进入ag亚游手机版的学校,参观礼拜场所, 尊重适用于他们的规则和使用他们的人的信仰.

学生 are familiar with the principles which different religions hold and explore the main world religions as outlined in the Agreed Syllabus.

We take the opportunity to find out more about different cultures we encounter through research and discussion.

We encourage those in our school who hold different faiths and beliefs to share their experiences and provide us with insight.

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